As our Una Serbica is a young but serious organization, and our team is still growing, below you can find categories of people and information about the types of help we as an organization can provide you so as to be responsible and not to fall short of your expectations. As we grow and become stronger, we will be able to help you more. 

Una Serbica helps people who fled during the wars in the Republic of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and returnees to those territories:
  • Socially vulnerable people, socially vulnerable families, and elderly households; 
  • Families with a disabled or seriously ill member; 
  • Families whose member was killed or is reported missing as a result of armed conflict in the former SFRY (Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina), war veterans and disabled; 
  • Families with unresolved housing issues and one-member refugee households - a person older than 50 who is socially endangered; 
  • Assistance in educating children of fallen fighters up to the age of 26. 
  • Assistance to refugees and returnees incapacitated for work; 
The organization offers you help:
  • Plans and organizes fundraisings to help the above persons; 
  • Assistance in and when purchasing small agricultural machines, domestic animals for breeding, household appliances, furniture, etc.; 
  • Administrative and legal assistance, legal advice for refugees or returnees in exercising their legal rights;
  • Appearing before state bodies and other organizations, collecting information from the competent institutions on behalf of those who authorize the humanitarian organization for it; 
The organization does not do the following for humanitarian purposes:
  • Payment of state administrative fees, notarization of contracts and documents, payment of utility services, assistance in cash, groceries, medicines, repayment of debts, etc. 

We hereby also inform you that the organization will only consider legally valid documentation.

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