For them, for you, for all our people...


As Una Serbica, we want to gather our people in love and compassion, wherever they live and no matter how many miles keep us apart. 
To restore through unity hope to those among us who live in poor conditions, who cannot or do not know how to do it on their own, who we often do not see, and are not recognized by the system, that they are not forgotten. 
To get them a chance to be seen and heard by everyone, to help them. 
This is our Una Serbica… 
The connection point for those among us who can and will, for our people who cannot and need us. 
We want, so help us succeed. 
For them, for you, for all our people. 


We respond to you directly. There is no mediator between you and us. So reach out to us, we are here for you.
We do not admit defeat. We will do everything to succeed together, for you.

Persistence in helping is our strength. We want, so help us succeed.

You can find out everything about us. Our organization is transparent.


A better life for all our people

Una Serbica visited our Predrag from Zalužnje near Leskovac several times. Predrag was born in Banja in 1972, and the war struck him during his regula...

Una visited our compatriot from Slavonia. Our Predrag was born in 1972, and the war struck him during his studies and unfortunately dragged him into a...

Compatriots, friends and those who follow our work, the Una Serbica Organization is starting the action of setting up donor boxes on the territory of ...


Dear compatriots, support us with your trust and love for our people in need who need us.


Together we can do more

We would like to inform you that the organization Una Serbica has placed another small box in the Beovel exchange office in Batajnica, 9 Braće Smiljan...

The humanitarian organization Una Serbica is pleased to inform you that the box with the organization's donations can no...

President of the Board of Directors of our organization Biljana Tarbuk Stanojević and organizers of the tournament "Reme...

Dear friends, we bring you a part of the wonderful atmosphere with BAZAAR OF BANIJA HANDICRAFTS AND brainchild which was...

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