The Storm is a Pogrom

Today is the 4th of August, a day of mourning for our people, a day of sorrow and national misfortune. We lost our homes, our compatriots, our children were forced to flee. Today we mourn all those who were taken from us, but we rise in harmony. We gather to survive, together.

Even though our hearts are heavy and we can not forget, we must let life triumph.

To all of you who have disappeared and perished, who we mourn, we promise you will never be forgotten.

We who have managed to save ourselves will forever suffer, living with the memories of your suffering. You will live in our hearts forever ❤️

Una Serbica is joining us in nurturing the memory of our suffering, it is our duty not to forget. We feel the same pain every August since then, and forever.

In Operation Storm, a total of 1,852 Serbs were killed or missing, 930 have been buried and 922 are listed as missing. There were 1,078 civilian casualties, which is a total of 90% of all civilian casualties in this action.

Members of the Croatian side (army, police, paramilitary) killed 1,058 Serbs.

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