Slavka Tomić, serbian Jovanka Orleanka

During the First World War, women fought side by side with men in the Russian and Serbian armies.

This is the story of a Serbian sergeant and companion, Slavka Tomić.

Serbian Jovanka Orleanka, as she was called by the allied media in Europe, America and Australia in 1916.

When the First Balkan War began in 1912, she was called into the army to be a volunteer and passed the commission in which Voja Tankosic was a member. She carried out diversions, sudden attacks. She joined the fighting from the very beginning of the First World War, as part of the Srem Volunteer Detachment, where she commanded the first group of Serbian fighters who crossed the Sava, into Srem. Their aim of their reconnaissance was to cut telephone wires to Zemun.

In books describing women, their role and significance during the First World War, English and French writers cited Serbian Sergeant Tomic. Slavka was only 18 in 1916, and by then had been in combat for 2 years. Slavka fought on the Drina and Kolubara, survived the defense of Belgrade under the command of Major Gavrilovic, and crossed Albania on foot.

She was wounded many times and became disabled because she lost part of her foot.

Our heroine received as many as 13 decorations for her heroism.

During her recruitment, they told her that it would be a sin for her to die so young and beautiful, and that Serbia sends heroes against the Turks, and not high school graduates.

She came back the following day and said: "I want a rifle and a war schedule. I'm not leaving here without a rifle. If I give up or get scared of the task, kill me. All my people are in the war, I won't sit at home either. “

"Girl, you can't go to the front, but we can take you as a nurse, to heal the wounds of the heroes."

"I want a rifle, take the older ones as nurses. I want to conquer the Turks.”

That’s how Serbian women are, brave before life and death. ❤🇷🇸



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