Reconciliation Day in the First World War, Natalija Ramonda

Natalija Ramonda, is a plant specific only to the central Balkans. Natalija Ramonda was discovered by doctor Sava Petrović, the court doctor of King Milan Obrenović, and it was named after the beautiful Serbian queen, Natalija Obrenović.

Ramonda sprouts from a rock and in our country it is protected by law as a natural rarity. The Phoenix flower is a symbol that we use today to mark all the temptations of our people, from the Albanian Golgotha ​​to the present day. Two green ribbons around the flower, the emblem marking the Day of Reconciliation in the First World War, adorn the famous Albanian monument. The Albanian monument was given to the few who survived the epic suffering of our people and the magnificent military victory of our history.

Ramonda, that purple five-petalled flower, the Fenix​ flower, has a trait that adorns our brave people as well. Completely dried, it has the power to rise. It grows on the rocks, in the rain and wind, in the winter and the frost, it resists, it defies nature on the limestone rocks. Such was the Serbian Albanian Golgotha. We were resurrected then and many more times after that, when we thought we would disappear.

Today, our ancestors warn us that their spirit must not leave us. To be worthy of our brave ancestors, of indomitable spirit, to the pride of our children.

Congratulations on the Day of Reconciliation in World War I!



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