Humanitarian memorial football tournament "Remembering to happiness"

This year, the humanitarian organization Una Serbica is part of the humanitarian memorial football tournament "Remembering to happiness".

This humanitarian tournament has been organized since 2018 by Mileta Zogović and his team in memory of his brother, always with a humane goal, to raise funds for children who need help with treatment.

This year, the tournament gathers 22 teams of young football players, for children's teams they are divided into 4 years, from the first to the eighth grade of primary school. The children are mostly from the area of Stara Pazova, while the senior categories come from all over Serbia. Football of charity and humanity starts on Monday, June 28. while the closing ceremony is scheduled for July 17, 2021.

The competition in the children's category starts at 7 pm, and seniors compete from 9 pm in the Banovci-Dunav settlement.

This year, the tournament will raise funds for the treatment of little Stefan Subotic, who has leukemia and is currently being treated in Germany, through donor boxes, which will be placed during the tournament.

The promotion of charity, sports, as well as a healthy life celebrates life and helps the fight for the health of children who need us and who need the help of all of us.

Connected by common values, goals and harmony, the humanitarian organization Una Serbica this year supports this noble tournament by donating sports T-shirts with symbols and the name of the organization, also on the T-shirts will be the name of the tournament in which our little humanitarians who will play for Stefan will participate. The members of the organization will donate funds for the treatment of the small but big fighter Stefan Subotić at the tournament. We invite you all to do that, from the heart, because one child's smile and life is worth everything.

See you on Monday, June 28, 2021 in Banovci - Danube, to hang out, help, encourage the kids and raise awareness about the importance of such events. Come, we will be there to meet you and promote another value besides humanity - immediacy.

There is no mediator between you, our people and us, because we are one of you. And together we can do everything.

Your Una Serbica.



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