For the autumn of Snježana and children

Snježana Milosavljević (53) fled Bosnia and Herzegovina. Today she lives in the Pomoravski district, the village of Stenjevac, the hamlet of Sladaja, in Serbia.

Snježana lives with her two children, aged 12 and 7, in a house that belongs to her ex-husband, which is not insulated, and it is difficult to keep warm. As a single mother, she takes her children to school on her own and supports them on her own. There is no water in the house where she lives, so she is forced to collect rainwater in the tank.

The furniture is worn out, because this brave woman, who was not broken by fighting, cannot achieve everything on her own.

With the donation of the company Ars M group, the organization Una Serbica and the purchase of a solid fuel stove for cooking and heating, we enabled Snježana to heat the part of the house that they stay in most of the day. When we left, we parted warmly, and promised to help her buy a bed for her daughter, because the one where the child sleeps has snapped.

We will help, because even the brave can't and don't need to do everything on their own ...



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